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Michael Vdelli

Michael Vdelli

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Blues/Rock Guitar Masterclasses with Michael Vdelli 

(Intermediate to Advanced) 

Price $60 + GST 30 mins / $100 + GST 60 mins 

The aim of these one on one sessions is to help you find your unique musical voice. Everybody is different and the road to reaching your goal will be too. 

The initial lesson will be to assess where you are at with your technique, phrasing and sound and where you want to take it. 

Michael will then tailor a specific program just for you to get you where you want to go as quickly and as enjoyably as possible. 

For acoustic & electric players alike, this will not only include actual playing, but guitar set up, how to get the best out of your equipment (amps, speakers, FX pedals etc) for live and studio performances. 

Who Is Michael Vdelli? 

Michael has made a name for himself basically through constantly being out there performing. After starting in the business in the duo “Billy & the Kid” with his father in 1989, Michael learned first hand the reality of being a working musician. The duo played 7 nights a week for over 3 years and this was to hold Michael in good stead for what was to come. 

His first breakthrough band was POWERSHIFT (1992-96). Again playing 7 nights a week, up to 10 shows a week, 3 on Friday’s! This culminated in the locally beloved “Live at Gobble’s Nightclub” album. 

Following that insane experience, Michael formed his current band VDELLI in 1997. Since it’s inception, VDELLI has produced over 20 album releases (5 of them reaching number 1 on the Amazon charts) and 35 international tours to it’s credit. 

Michael was also part of The Dave Hole Band in 1998 & 99 touring the world and performing on the award winning “Under The Spell” album. 

Prior to returning to his hometown of Perth due to the pandemic in 2020, Michael lived and worked in Hamburg, Germany for 5 years, touring with his band as well as being booked as a hired gun for other touring bands and as a studio session guitarist and producer. 

Michael has performed at many of the biggest music festivals in the world, including Sweden Rock (twice) and has opened for countless big name acts including the likes of BB KingBuddy Guy, ZZ Top and most recently George Thorogood

Teaching Testimonials 

I’ve had guitar lessons before and I never really believed that I would be able to play Lead Guitar, but after lessons with Vdelli I sometimes catch myself thinking "Is that really me playing guitar?"
Craig S. 

I've been having lessons with Michael for about 9 months now. He's the best teacher I've had by far and has been able to demystify so much of the guitar for me. 

I've had so many 'light bulb' moments during and after my lessons. As he's said to me, "you already know all of the stuff I'm teaching you, you just don't know that you know it yet". 

As a result, my understanding, playing and overall enjoyment of the guitar has skyrocketed. On top of this he's just such a great guy to hang out with, jam and talk music for an hour. 

I'm so grateful and I can't recommend him highly enough. Leon G. 

Michael Vdelli is the first guitar teacher for me that has been able to translate the practical application of fine mechanical details and nuance into the end goal of playing music. 

He’s been there and done that on stage and now he’s passing on the skill with passion and caring. Good teacher, great dude!
Stew M. 

Michael is a fantastic guitar teacher and all around top bloke. He teaches in a way that is easy to understand and lets you ‘get it’. 

He has so much to offer and I’ve really enjoyed learning so much from him. Highly recommend guitar lessons from Michael Vdelli.
Steve B.

Having played for 35 years as a self-taught guitarist, I decided it was time to get some lessons. 

After just 5 sessions with Michael, he has taught me so many tips, secrets and techniques to give me the confidence to experiment and improvise my solos and find my own style. 

He has also taught me how to develop the sounds I’ve been searching for so long from my amp and effects. 

Michael’s sessions are cool! Can’t wait to get back there. Danny D. 

Michael is the first guitar teacher I have had that has in very quick order, identified that I didn't need to be shown a pentatonic scale or learn how to play a Bm7. 

He has taken a more holistic approach to my guitar journey and we concentrate time in lesson on the craft as a whole. From understanding drop tuning to setting up a PA/Console, my pathway to better musicianship has been seriously reduced.
With Michael's decades as a professional musician, I have found sessions invaluable learning how to manipulate chord arrangements to take into account my needs as a lead vocalist in our band as well. 

On top of all that he is a cool cat! Highly recommend! Steve B. 

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