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Luca Gatti

Luca Gatti

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We are very fortunate to have Luca Gatti on our team. Luca is a current student at the WAAPA Jazz Music Course in Mt. Lawley.

Luca began his musical obsession when he learned to play AC/DC songs on his family's piano. Luca then progressed to guitar at age 12.

Luca travelled to Texas at age 16 where he developed a love for country music after hearing from the likes of Brad Paisley and Joe Diffie.

Luca is also influenced by jazz musicians such as John Schofield 

At the age of 17, a cross road presented itself to Luca when he diversified into the cool world of Jazz, learning Jazz standards and gaining entry into the highly coveted and contested WAAPA Jazz Program. Luca is influenced by the musical styles of John Scholfield, Oscar Peterson and George Benson.

Luca now works with us at Freo Guitars, learning all that he can about guitars, servicing, repair and luthiery and tutoring beginners and up and coming guitarists in the Freo Guitars sound room.

Luca can play any style on any guitar (electric and acoustic) and Bass.

So hit Luca up for your lessons - Your'e in expert hands

0468 357 508


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