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*Ibanez* Reb Beach Copy Custom Made

*Ibanez* Reb Beach Copy Custom Made

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*Ibanez* Reb Beach Copy Custom Made - Bio

This Ibanez Reb Beach Copy Custom Made guitar is a tribute to the legendary guitarist Reb Beach, known for his work with Winger, Whitesnake, and his solo career. This custom-made guitar captures the essence of Reb Beach’s signature style and sound, bringing a high level of craftsmanship and performance to dedicated guitarists.

Key Features

  • Construction: The Ibanez Reb Beach Copy features a solid mahogany center board with jelutong wings. This combination provides a balanced, resonant tone and ensures structural integrity. The guitar also showcases a custom Nitrovane paint job, adding to its unique aesthetic appeal.
  • Pickups: Equipped with DiMarzio Fred (bridge) and PAF Pro (neck) pickups, this guitar delivers a versatile range of tones. The Fred pickup offers a warm, fat sound with high gain, perfect for solos and lead playing, while the PAF Pro provides clarity and articulation, ideal for rhythm sections.
  • Hardware: The guitar features a Floyd Rose ‘under license’ tremolo system made by Takeuchi, known for its stability and precision. It also includes a Trem-setter, which helps maintain tuning stability even during aggressive playing and dive-bombs, a signature of Reb Beach’s style.
  • Neck and Fretboard: The guitar usually boasts a fast, slim neck, often made of maple, paired with a rosewood or ebony fretboard. This combination provides a smooth, responsive playing experience ideal for fast solos and complex riffs.

Historical Context

Reb Beach rose to prominence in the 1980s, becoming a pivotal figure in the glam metal and rock scenes. His technical proficiency and unique style have influenced countless guitarists. The custom-made Ibanez Reb Beach copy is a homage to his influence, designed for players who seek to emulate his technique and sound.

Playability and Performance

The custom-made Ibanez Reb Beach copy is renowned for its exceptional playability, making it a favourite among shredders and rock guitarists. The guitar’s neck profile and fretboard radius are designed for fast, fluid playing, making it ideal for solos and intricate lead work. The versatile pickups and robust hardware ensure it performs well in various musical genres, from hard rock to heavy metal.

For those looking to channel the spirit of Reb Beach and stand out in the world of guitar playing, the custom-made Ibanez Reb Beach copy is the ultimate choice. It combines superior craftsmanship with the unique specifications that made Reb Beach a guitar hero.

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