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Handmade *Ibanez* Joe Satriani Aerofoil Copy Electric Guitar with Hard Case

Handmade *Ibanez* Joe Satriani Aerofoil Copy Electric Guitar with Hard Case

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This handmade Ibanez Joe Satriani Aerofoil copy electric guitar is a custom-crafted instrument designed to emulate the distinctive features and performance of the original Aerofoil model. This guitar pays homage to the renowned collaboration between Ibanez and legendary guitarist Joe Satriani, known for its sleek design, exceptional playability, and versatile sound.

Design and Build

  • Body: This handmade Aerofoil copy features a meticulously crafted Mahogany body. The double-cutaway design ensures comfortable access to the higher frets, while the finish and attention to detail mirror the original Aerofoil’s striking appearance. The base contouring has been taken a little further, so this guitar is more streamlined.
  • Neck: It boasts a custom-made neck, typically constructed from maple, with a rosewood with ebony fingerboard. The neck profile is tailored to provide a smooth and fast playing experience, mimicking the specifications of Satriani’s preferred setup.
  • Fingerboard: The fingerboard is designed with 24 frets, adorned with custom inlays that may replicate the original dot. The craftsmanship ensures excellent playability and a comfortable grip for various playing styles.


  • Pickups: The guitar is equipped with high-quality pickups that aim to replicate the tonal versatility of the original Aerofoil. This often includes a set of humbuckers, such as DiMarzio PAF Joe and Mo’ Joe, to deliver a wide range of tones from warm and smooth to powerful and aggressive.
  • Controls: The control layout usually includes a master volume, master tone (with push-pull coil-tap), and a three-way pickup selector switch, allowing for diverse tonal possibilities.


  • Bridge: It features a reliable bridge system, often a replica of the Edge bridge, known for its stability and precision, enabling both subtle vibrato and extreme dive-bomb effects.
  • Tuners: High-quality tuning machines are used to ensure stable tuning and precision, contributing to the overall reliability of the instrument.


The handmade copy often showcases a unique finish that reflects Satriani’s love for aviation and futuristic themes, similar to the original Aerofoil design. The attention to detail in the finish and hardware ensures the guitar is not only a high-performance instrument but also a visually stunning piece.

Legacy and Influence

The Ibanez Joe Satriani Aerofoil copy continues the legacy of the original model by providing musicians with an instrument that captures the essence of Satriani’s innovative playing style. This handmade version is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of luthiers who strive to deliver a high-quality replica that meets the demands of serious players.

In summary, this handmade Ibanez Joe Satriani Aerofoil copy electric guitar is a remarkable instrument that captures the spirit and performance of the original model. It combines high-quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and customised features to provide a unique playing experience for guitarists seeking the iconic tone and playability associated with Joe Satriani.

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