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Dunlop Dual Fasel CAE Wah Model MC404 Guitar Pedal

Dunlop Dual Fasel CAE Wah Model MC404 Guitar Pedal

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The Dunlop Dual Fasel CAE Wah Model MC404 is a premium guitar pedal designed for discerning musicians seeking a versatile and high-quality wah-wah effect. Developed in collaboration with the Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) team, the MC404 combines advanced electronics with a robust build to deliver a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Fasel Inductors:

    • The MC404 features two distinct Fasel inductors (red and yellow), each offering unique tonal characteristics. The red Fasel provides a warmer, vintage sound, while the yellow Fasel delivers a brighter, more modern wah tone. A side-mounted switch allows players to toggle between the two inductors effortlessly, giving them the flexibility to choose the perfect wah tone for their playing style and musical context.
  2. Boost/Line Driver:

    • Equipped with a built-in boost/line driver, the MC404 offers an adjustable gain control (up to +20dB), allowing players to enhance their signal for solos or to compensate for signal loss when using long cable runs or multiple effects pedals. This feature ensures a clear and powerful sound without unwanted noise or distortion.
  3. True Bypass Switching:

    • The MC404 employs true bypass switching, ensuring that the pedal does not color the guitar's tone when it is turned off. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the signal chain, especially for players who use a variety of pedals and effects.
  4. High-Quality Components:

    • The MC404 is built with high-quality components, including a high-Q inductor, a custom-designed potentiometer, and robust housing. These components ensure reliable performance, smooth operation, and long-lasting durability, making the pedal a trusted tool for both studio and live performances.
  5. Custom Voicing Control:

    • The pedal includes an internal voicing control, allowing players to fine-tune the wah's response and frequency range. This level of customisation enables musicians to tailor the pedal to their specific preferences, whether they prefer a subtle, sweeping effect or a pronounced, vocal-like wah sound.
  6. Power Options:

    • The MC404 can be powered by a 9V battery or an external power supply, offering convenience and flexibility for various performance setups.

Performance and Applications:

The Dunlop Dual Fasel CAE Wah Model MC404 is designed for professional guitarists who demand precise control over their wah-wah effects. Its dual inductor design, boost feature, and customisable voicing make it suitable for a wide range of musical genres, from classic rock and blues to funk and metal. Whether used in the studio or on stage, the MC404 delivers consistent, high-quality performance that meets the needs of serious musicians.

With its combination of advanced features, rugged construction, and superior sound quality, the Dunlop Dual Fasel CAE Wah Model MC404 stands out as a top choice for guitarists seeking a versatile and reliable wah pedal.

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