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Custom Badass Modified Overdrive Guitar Pedal

Custom Badass Modified Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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Brand: MXR (Dunlop Manufacturing)

Model: Custom Badass Modified Overdrive


The MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive is a high-performance overdrive pedal designed for guitarists who demand superior tonal versatility and robust build quality. This pedal combines classic overdrive characteristics with modern enhancements, providing a rich and dynamic overdrive experience that can be fine-tuned to suit a wide range of musical styles and playing techniques.


  • Classic Overdrive Circuitry: The pedal features a classic overdrive circuit that delivers warm, natural-sounding overdrive with smooth clipping and rich harmonic content.
  • 100Hz Cut and Boost Control: A unique feature of the Custom Badass Modified Overdrive is its 100Hz cut and boost control, which allows players to fine-tune the low-end response of the pedal, making it ideal for both rhythm and lead playing.
  • Bump Switch: The pedal includes a "Bump" switch that enhances the low and mid frequencies, providing a thicker, more aggressive tone when engaged.
  • Output and Gain Controls: With separate Output and Gain controls, the pedal offers precise control over the volume and distortion levels, allowing for a wide range of overdrive tones from subtle boost to full-on distortion.
  • True Bypass Switching: The Custom Badass Modified Overdrive features true bypass switching to ensure that your guitar’s tone remains pure and uncolored when the pedal is not in use.
  • Rugged Construction: Built with MXR’s signature durability, the pedal is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure designed to withstand the rigors of live performance and heavy use.

Sound and Performance

The MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive excels in delivering a versatile range of overdrive tones, from classic, tube-like warmth to modern, high-gain crunch. Its dynamic response and rich harmonic content make it a perfect choice for adding depth and character to solos, riffs, and chords. The 100Hz control and Bump switch provide additional tonal shaping options, allowing players to tailor their sound to fit any musical context, from blues and rock to metal and beyond.


  • Blues and Rock: Achieve classic, creamy overdrive tones that add warmth and sustain to your blues and rock playing.
  • Metal and Hard Rock: Dial in aggressive, high-gain distortion with the Bump switch for powerful riffs and solos.
  • Fusion and Jazz: Use the pedal’s dynamic response and tonal controls to enhance the expressiveness and clarity of your fusion and jazz solos.
  • Country and Pop: Add a touch of grit and sparkle to your clean tones for a more textured and lively sound in country and pop music.

The MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive is a top-tier overdrive pedal that combines classic tone with modern versatility. Its range of features and robust construction make it an excellent addition to any guitarist’s pedalboard, offering reliable performance and exceptional sound quality. Whether you’re playing in the studio or on stage, the Custom Badass Modified Overdrive delivers the overdrive tones you need to stand out and make your mark.

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