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The Boss Harmonist PS-6 is a sophisticated pitch-shifting pedal designed to provide guitarists with a wide range of harmony and pitch effects. Packed with advanced features and high-quality sound processing, the PS-6 allows musicians to explore new musical landscapes with ease. Whether you’re looking to add harmonies, detune effects, or create unique pitch shifts, the PS-6 offers a versatile and reliable solution.


  • Four Pitch Effects Modes: The PS-6 offers four distinct pitch effects modes—Harmony, Pitch Shifter, Detune, and Super Bend—each providing a unique sonic capability for creative exploration.
    • Harmony: Generate harmonies in perfect intervals, with a range of up to three octaves above or below the original note. It supports both major and minor keys, making it easy to create musically accurate harmonies.
    • Pitch Shifter: Shift your guitar’s pitch up or down by up to three octaves, allowing for extreme pitch effects and unique sonic textures.
    • Detune: Add a subtle pitch variation to your signal, creating a chorus-like effect that thickens your tone.
    • Super Bend: Emulate extreme pitch bends, ranging from three semitones to four octaves, with smooth and precise control.
  • Three-Voice Harmony: The PS-6 can generate three simultaneous harmonies, providing rich and complex harmonization.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: With dedicated knobs for Shift, Key, and Balance, the PS-6 is intuitive and easy to adjust on the fly, allowing for quick changes to your sound.
  • Expression Pedal Input: The pedal includes an input for an external expression pedal, enabling real-time control over pitch shift and harmony parameters.
  • Polyphonic Tracking: The PS-6 features polyphonic tracking technology, ensuring accurate pitch detection and processing, even with complex chords.
  • Rugged Construction: Built with Boss’s renowned durability, the PS-6 features a sturdy metal chassis and reliable footswitch, designed to withstand the demands of heavy use and live performance.
  • Buffered Bypass: The pedal includes a buffered bypass to maintain signal integrity and prevent tone loss, even with long cable runs.

Sound and Performance

The Boss Harmonist PS-6 delivers high-quality pitch effects with exceptional clarity and precision. Its advanced pitch-shifting algorithms ensure smooth, natural-sounding harmonies and pitch bends. The polyphonic tracking capability allows for accurate pitch detection, even when playing chords, making it a versatile tool for both rhythm and lead playing. The Detune mode adds a subtle modulation to your sound, creating a rich, chorus-like effect, while the Super Bend mode enables extreme pitch shifts for dramatic effects.


  • Live Performance: Use the Harmony mode to add instant harmonies to your solos and riffs, enhancing your live performance with rich, layered sounds.
  • Recording: Explore new sonic textures and creative possibilities in the studio with the PS-6’s versatile pitch effects.
  • Sound Design: Create unique and experimental sounds with the Pitch Shifter and Super Bend modes, perfect for avant-garde and electronic music.
  • Thickening Tone: Enhance your guitar tone with the Detune mode, adding a lush, chorus-like effect that thickens your sound.

The Boss Harmonist PS-6 is a powerful and versatile pitch-shifting pedal that offers a wide range of high-quality pitch effects. Its advanced features, intuitive controls, and robust construction make it an essential tool for guitarists seeking to expand their sonic palette. Whether you’re looking to add harmonies, create extreme pitch bends, or explore new soundscapes, the PS-6 provides the tools you need to elevate your music to new heights. 

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