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Black Swan Electrics Delta Fuzz Guitar Pedal

Black Swan Electrics Delta Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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The Delta Fuzz guitar pedal by Black Swan Electrics is a high-quality, boutique fuzz pedal designed for guitarists seeking a unique, vintage-inspired fuzz tone with modern reliability and versatility. Inspired by the classic fuzz tones of the 1960s and 70s, the Delta Fuzz delivers a rich, warm, and harmonically complex sound that can be tailored to a variety of musical styles, from blues and rock to experimental and alternative genres.


  • Analog Circuitry: The Delta Fuzz features an all-analog signal path, ensuring a warm and natural sound with excellent responsiveness to picking dynamics and volume changes.
  • True Bypass Switching: This pedal includes true bypass switching to preserve the integrity of your guitar’s tone when the pedal is not engaged.
  • Vintage Germanium Transistors: Equipped with carefully selected vintage germanium transistors, the Delta Fuzz provides a smooth and creamy fuzz tone with a distinct character that sets it apart from modern silicon-based fuzz pedals.
  • Tone and Gain Controls: The pedal offers intuitive tone and gain controls, allowing players to dial in a wide range of fuzz textures, from subtle and gritty to full-on fuzz chaos.
  • Rugged Construction: Housed in a sturdy metal enclosure, the Delta Fuzz is built to withstand the rigors of live performance and frequent use.
  • Custom Artwork: Featuring custom artwork that reflects its vintage inspiration, the Delta Fuzz is as visually appealing as it is sonically impressive.

Sound and Performance

The Delta Fuzz excels in producing a dynamic and expressive fuzz sound that reacts well to the player’s touch. Its vintage germanium transistors give it a warm, rounded tone with a smooth sustain and a rich harmonic content that adds depth and complexity to your playing. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of grit to your solos or create a wall of fuzzy soundscapes, the Delta Fuzz provides the tools to achieve your desired tone.


  • Blues: Enhance your blues playing with a thick, creamy fuzz that brings out the soulful nuances of your guitar.
  • Rock: Achieve classic rock tones with the pedal’s versatile gain control, perfect for crunchy rhythms and soaring leads.
  • Experimental: Push the boundaries of your sound with the Delta Fuzz’s ability to create unique, otherworldly textures and sonic landscapes.

The Black Swan Electrics Delta Fuzz is a must-have for guitarists who appreciate the vintage fuzz tones of yesteryear but demand the reliability and flexibility of a modern pedal. Its combination of high-quality components, robust construction, and superior sound makes it a standout choice for players looking to add a distinctive fuzz flavor to their pedalboard.

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